About me

Hey! I'M Kalli!

As stated before, I am a perfectionist… 

I struggled with anxiety at least since puberty if not before. I was anxious about school, fitness, beauty, boys, and religion. Anything that could be graded or scored, is what I linked my worth too. 

When I was 18 I tried medication and counseling, which was only the beginning of my search for help. It was for another 6 years, with various medications, until I finally found a therapist I connected with and my life noticeably started to change. I still believed something was innately wrong with me. I always had the top grades, was fit, performed in so many music programs, lead out in churches, had great friends and family… but was so depressed and anxious about who I was, and never “being enough”. 

My therapist was the first human to tell me “you’re not crazy” and proved it to me by explaining how the brain and nervous system work. He might as well have said “Welcome to the human club”. 

Soon after working extensively in therapy, I found a life coach and learned more about who Kalli is, what her likes and dislikes are. Best gift was I was now able to be alone in my own skin without escaping or distracting myself, and I am SAFE. I can now sit with my anxiety and thoughts when they come up and learn from them. 

"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" - Sir Edmond Hillary

Here are a few of my favorite hikes I have gone on: (In no particular order)