Gratitude purgatory

“Don’t be such a Debbie Downer!” “You’re being a Negative Nancy.” Don’t worry, just think of all the things to be grateful for. Culturally speaking, positivity is praised and medically healthy, negativity is frowned upon and detrimental to one’s health. However, I have noticed that sometimes the lines get blurred, and one could experience gratitude… Continue reading Gratitude purgatory

Unconventional ways I became a better physical therapist

Unconventional ways I became a better physical therapist

June 19, 2017, I walked into my first graduate program class to become a physical therapist (PT). Since then I have learned many unconventional ways to become a better physical therapist. I recognized only two others in the class. I had just moved across the country to embark on this 3-year journey of becoming a… Continue reading Unconventional ways I became a better physical therapist


As humans we pursue happiness. We want to feel good. The brain is designed to pursue pleasure, be efficient, and decrease pain. So let’s talk about the cure for misery. Several years ago I was listening a podcast by an endurance running coach and he was talking about suffering. For this post, I use suffering… Continue reading The CURE for MISERY

Subconsciously and Consciously Stressed: Invitation for Connection

It is easy to subconsciously feel isolated, shameful, and even deserving of bad things when things don’t go right. Sometimes, you may be stressed and not even realize it. Perhaps we as humans can experience both the known and unknown stressors simultaneously. Subconsciously and consciously stressed: invitation for connection.   I’d say this includes more… Continue reading Subconsciously and Consciously Stressed: Invitation for Connection

Personal boundaries

I recently had an extensive conversation about personal boundaries in relationships with a client. She really wanted to have clear boundaries set for when she was dating, and she wanted her potential partners to understand and know their own personal boundaries. It was interesting because she referred to things such as not staying up texting… Continue reading Personal boundaries

Stories vs. Facts


The very first tool I ever learned from a life coach’s podcast (and later on reiterated by my own coach) was “Stories vs. Facts.”   Facts are tangible things. Facts are neutral and provable in a court of law, the circumstances. Stories are our thoughts about the facts. Stories are the meaning we assign to… Continue reading Stories vs. Facts