Comparisonitis: comparing oneself to others, creating an inflammatory response (suffix -itis: inflammation). Act of comparing with net negative results

I’m guilty of comparing and thinking that other people have it “easier” or “better” than me at times. Sometimes, I think I am the “only one” struggling with something.

For example, I have been checking out “outdoorsy” and “fitness” influencers and assume they are just natural athletes who look happy all the time. They’re flawless and come across perfect. Climbing mountains is easy for them. I have made it mean something is wrong with me that my body aches at times, I have to go slow, I get light-headed, and just plain ol’ exhausted physically and mentally when I try to hike a mountain. I think I wish people would talk about how grueling it can be just to make me feel better!

I have developed a love for mountains, nature in general. I find so much beauty in the vast outdoors, there is something special about being in nature’s grandeur and feeling so small.

I’m sharing because it’s easy to think you’re “the only one” who is struggling with something or “something is wrong with you if you are struggling”

So whatever it is, maybe you feel gassed when walking up steep incline, or feel stupid for barely passing school, or exhausted from working a 9-5 job when you “should” already be adding a part time job to the mix, or overwhelmed by current bill payments when you want to become a homeowner….

Life is hard. Period.

Give yourself the gift of acknowledging it! Don’t downplay the effort and energy you’re giving to show up time and time again. 

I believe we are wired to be drawn to overcoming adversity because it builds trust and safety that your body is okay and can create solutions and face challenges. 

You are not alone, it’s okay to feel tired. 

If you are feeling stuck, or rather unclear, wondering “is there more to life than just this?”

Grab my free guide of journal prompts here. It can help you create more awareness about what adds meaning and purpose to your life! Meanwhile, it will help reduce the amount of comparison because the prompts focus on you deepening your passions.

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