How I play pretend to create results

How I play pretend to create results
How I play pretend to create results

As a child, my older sister and I loved to play pretend and it taught me great value. I am goin go to share how I play pretend to create results as an adult.

My sister and I lived on a farm, so as kids, we spent most of our time building forts, playing in creeks, and riding horses, all the while playing various storylines of pretend.

We’d pretend we were animals; we pretend we were our babysitters; we would pretend we were teenagers, thinking that meant adults; we would pretend we were career women with patients and clients, etc.

I am flooded with so many memories of “Let’s play pretend!”

In coaching, I have incorporated this technique truly taught to me by my younger self. “Let’s play pretend.”

Sometimes, you have an idea you wish you were doing or being but seem stuck in certain ways. You “know better” but yet don’t believe you can get there or be that person.

It is as if all the mental pep talks and mantras fall on deaf ears because you just don’t feel like you can do it.

Try playing pretend. Pretend you feel motivated, inspired, brave, curious, strong, capable, desired, whatever you wish to feel! Even if you don’t feel it, what would you be like if you did feel how you wanted? What actions is that version of you doing?

It’s tangible; set a timer for 30 minutes or maybe even an hour and pretend you are the feeling you wished by doing the actions that you would be doing.

Here are some results my clients have done while playing pretend when they actually felt purposeless, overwhelmed, and unmotivated:

“I decided to be “brave” and will be going back to work on Monday.”

“I folded a whole basket of laundry.”

“I called the board and got my application request on the director’s desk.”

“I took my dog on a walk at the park.”

“I left my house, went to the beach, and played in the waves.”

You may be stuck in a fog of depression and lack of motivation, or you may be highly motivated by procrastinating on a meaningful project, and you spend time being productive in every other way except this project.

It still works.

  1. Set a timer, even if it is only for a few minutes!
  2. Pretend you are the version of who you are feeling and doing what you wish you were doing.

This hack works.

This work is one of the many gifts my clients give themselves when they work with me. You can learn more about how I can support you to create meaning and fulfillment in your life by scheduling a call here.

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