Stories vs. Facts

Stories vs. facts

The very first tool I ever learned from a life coach’s podcast (and later on reiterated by my own coach) was “Stories vs. Facts.”


Facts are tangible things. Facts are neutral and provable in a court of law, the circumstances.

Stories are our thoughts about the facts. Stories are the meaning we assign to the facts.


Let’s use the presidential election as an example.



Fact: “John Smith” is elected president of the United States of America. 


This wouldn’t be an opinion; instead, it’s a fact. As a fact, it’s neither good nor bad. What you think about the fact is what assigns meaning to it.


Story: Oh no, our country is doomed.

Story: I’m so glad they elected him. Maybe there’s hope for this country after all.

Story: I really have no idea who any of the candidates are. I didn’t vote.

Story: History is being made.

Story: He’s my second pick. 


There are an infinite amount of ways that the fact could be interpreted and have meaning given to it. 


You’re not affected by the election until your mind is aware of the results. The very moment the officials know the vote count cannot hurt or help you. But as soon as it’s announced and you’re aware of the fact — that’s when stories are formed. 


Stories are our automatic beliefs and thoughts that we’ve formed. Stories typically occur without us even registering it. 


As you start to realize the difference between facts and stories, you’ll see it’s not the facts that create your reality. Instead, it’s the stories that create your reality and your state of being.


Stories can come from culture, society, upbringing, people we hang out with, religions, school, social media, and more. 


Stories are optional. You may feel conditioned to believe certain stories, because you’re literally hardwired in your brain to believe they’re true. 


However, you can decide what stories you listen to and nurture. You can decide which stories are serving you and which aren’t.


I’m not suggesting you change your beliefs and “pick new stories.” I’m simply wanting you to be aware of what’s creating your results. Your thoughts create your reality. 


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